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Know more abou positioning systems DSZPVI and DSZPVIE
  Know more abou positioning systems DSZPVI and DSZPVIE
These positioning systems are mechanical units with two integrated profile rail guides. The carriage running on four runner blocks is driven by a toothed belt. On the drive side, a planetary gear supports the toothed belt disc. On the opposite side, the toothed belt disc is mounted and integrated into the belt tensioner.

The openings of the guide body are closed by an aluminium profile, except for some small slots on the sides, so that the interior is protected against foreign particles. A special advantage of this system is the fact that the supporting points at the ends of the system can be overtravelled, which results in a very compact unit with a short basic length. The cover profile can be adjusted according to the mounting position.

The systems DSZPVIE 120, 160 and 200 are a further addition to Bahr Modultechnik’s product range and offer a positioning system with complete stainless steel casing. All components are stainless. The functional principle is the same as in the DSZPVI series, so that this linear system can also transfer high torques.

Due to the stainless steel casing these positioning systems fulfil the highest demands on hygiene. Even the interior of the profile can be easily cleaned, by simply loosening the hexagonal screws to remove the cover profile and clean all interior components.

These positioning systems are especially suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in medical engineering and in all applications where high torques are needed and high demands on hygiene are made.

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