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See how the MiniTec segmented chain conveyors may be useful for you
  See how the MiniTec segmented chain conveyors may be useful for you
The MiniTec segmented chain conveyors have proved their profitability in countless applications . With all components properly tested , the focus is on energy efficiency and maximum flexibility through modular design tested and approved . See the video of a segmented chain conveyor developed for the paper industry .

As in all MiniTec solutions, the modular conveyor segmented system is based on aluminum profiles of the brand. All components are suitable for extensions , attachments or any other protective device/protected area needed .

This conveyor can be perfectly combined with material handling solutions, image processing, labeling, etc.. In the video (below), you may find an example of a combination of a segmented chain conveyor with a belt conveyor used in the paper industry.

Contact Fluidotronica for more information about this or other conveyors in order to get a custom solution to your application needs.
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