Robotic Cells.

Industrial automation can provide great advantages if it is consciously and efficiently devised.

The use of industrial production processes through robots has brought numerous advantages over the last few years: increased productivity, reduced costs, improved working conditions and operator safety, as well as greater precision and a competitive advantage over Competition.

One of the great solutions used in industrial automation processes is industrial robots, used to perform the most varied tasks. With Fluidotronica's robotic cells you can combine productivity optimization with a high level of efficiency, without forgetting the reduction of costs.

FLUIDOTRONICA robotic cells are the ideal complement to the production automation process in your company. With these units - developed for the most varied industrial segments - you can always count on agility in the "setup", optimized devices, high productivity and a reduced layout.

Robotic cells are used in various types of applications:
. Palletizing - separation by type of product, counting and palletizing of boxes, bags and volumes in general. This enables a high yield and productivity in final lines of production and shipment of finished products.
. Welding - Welding type MIG, TIG / TAG, spot, laser, etc. There is also the possibility of integration in subsequent operations of painting, finishing, cutting, etc.
. Manipulation - Positioning of "pick and place" parts, packaging, compaction and grouping of volumes, positioning of parts in assembly lines, etc.
. Assembly - Integration in assembly lines, in order to optimize and flexibilize production.
. Paint - by spray, electrostatic powder and KTL type, providing a high yield and finish of painted surfaces.
. Insertion
. Detection
. Machining
. Packing


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