The SPATZ: a modular tool changing system for lightweight robots with high savings potential.

The SPATZ (STÖGER Pick&Place screwdriving robot with automatic tool change and feeding unit for fasteners) has all the features to revolutionize the system layout in automated production and offers high savings potential in the design of assembly and manufacturing systems.

Thanks to its modular design, all conceivable screw sequences with different screw geometries and screw positions can be mapped and combined. The modular and flexible design opens up completely new and significantly more cost-effective concepts than before.

Since only additional tools are required for different screw geometries instead of additional screw driving units, the system price is significantly reduced. The more different fasteners are processed with the SPATZ, the higher the savings potential.

In addition to screwdriving, many other activities are possible. For example, grippers can also be integrated. Thus one and the same robot can pick up a component, screw in different screws, set balls or pins, assemble components and much more. There are almost no limits to the plant layout.

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Your advantages:

Your advantages:

. Modular system
. Flexible system layout
. Up to 15 screwdriving programmes possible at the same time
. Various tools adaptable (nose pieces, grippers)
. High savings potential
. High time savings, as manual tool changes are no longer necessary
. Compact system
. Space-saving design
. Screwdriving possible in all positions
. Several work steps can be carried out with one system
. Simple system expansion
. Easy programming thanks to special software



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