Our manual and ergonomic workstations avoid negative compromises, allow a highly flexible reaction to changing requirements and are suitable for a wide variety of one-off production. In connection with the many interlinking possibilities from our product range, even complex production systems can be designed quickly and economically.

For many years now, MiniTec profile system and MiniTec CADmenue have been setting the standard to process flow, workplaces, factory automation and machine protection. Tailor-made workplaces avoid detrimental compromises. The modular MiniTec system with its associated software is ideal for creating optimal solutions both economically and quickly.

All system components are compatible and can be combined to form production systems.

Flexibility and profitability must not necessarily be competing targets. Manual workplaces allow highly flexible response to changing requirements. Complex production systems, too, can be arranged economically in connection with the multiple combination possibilities that the MiniTec program offers.

Both manual components - such as roller conveyors, ball transfer systems for KanBan solutions or material trolleys are available for linking workstations. Automatic linking is established using linear axles, belt conveyors or flexible transfer system TSG.

Our design software MiniTec CADmenu is at your free disposal for designing your workplaces. The software helps you in designing workstations of various versions within a short period of time. In addition, the system automatically creates the parts list and an installation plan to option. Automatic design modules for linear technology, protective gear and conveyors are also available.

Proper design of the workplace has largely positive impacts on health, performance, endurance and concentration of employees.

Workplace design by ergonomics is described under harmonized European Standard, e.g. DIN EN ISO 6385.

Objective of ergonomic design is, among others, adaptation of workplace, working space, environment and lighting to human properties and skills. The modular system for designing individual workplaces enables optimal adaptation to task and individual employee concerned.

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Workstations from the modular system

Workstations from the modular system

MiniTec offers you ergonomically optimised standard workstation systems from the modular system, in which you can either fall back on fixed pre-defined preferred sizes or determine the dimensions yourself. Whether with or without height adjustment, with or without portal construction - our workstations can be individually configured with the aid of the comprehensive range of accessories, because they are based on the flexible and robust MiniTec profile construction kit. This allows you to implement individual workstations, team workstations and complex assembly lines quickly and easily.

Ergonomic and economical

Ergonomic and economical

Studies have shown that workplace design has an enormous impact on the well-being and performance of employees. Health, stamina, concentration and work performance are closely linked - that's where our workplace systems and accessories come into play. In addition to work tables with or without gantry structure and electrically or hydraulically height-adjustable tables, we also offer ideal lighting, drawer base cabinets, lifting columns, lifters and ESD accessories. The ideal workplace for your requirements is created in no time at all. Workplace systems with operator guidance or intelligent assistance systems have already been successfully used by many of our customers.

Ergonomic, effective, flexible

Ergonomic, effective, flexible

Optimize your production processes and contribute to the health of your employees: MiniTec workplace systems combine ergonomic requirements with effective workflows. All components are modularly adaptable to the conditions of different industries. Expand or modify your workstation systems individually thanks to our modular system. As a specialist in the design and construction of workplace systems, MiniTec guarantees you not only economic efficiency but also the highest quality standards.



The use of curved profiles in the design of our CurveTec workstations creates extremely ergonomic workplaces. The workstations can be adapted precisely to the technicians’ physical environment, thus avoiding excessive reach distances that can have a negative effect on health. The assembly technician sits or stands “in the workstation” central to all stations that need to be reached. Even the automatic height adjustment of the CurveTec workstations to the respective employee’s body measurements using RFID chips is easy to implement according to requirements. The optimum addition to the CurveTec workstations is the new Lifter 1000 that elevates loads of up to 200 kg in a range from 95 to 1000 mm. The workplaces can also be equipped with electronic assembly support (EAS).

Lifter 1000

Lifter 1000

The lifter ensures ergonomic conditions in the workplace. Because when loading and unloading the containers automatically remain always in the same desired position. The ergonomically optimal working height can be infinitely adjusted. Even with differently high container containers the working height always remains the same. The mobility of the lifter is ensured by two rollers in combination with a handle.

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Bancada de trabalho com transportador [FLUIDOTRONICA]
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