Privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage, export, and delete such information.

This Privacy Policy explains:
. What personal information we collect and treat and why we do it;
. How we use this information;
. The options we offer, including how to access and rectify information.

Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. May, unilaterally and at any time, modify, modify, add or rectify this Privacy Policy, without the need for any prior notice.

Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. Will make every effort to ensure, in a transparent and demonstrable manner, compliance with the RGPD and other data protection legislation.

Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. Guarantees compliance with all the principles set forth in the RGPD, both in the current treatment processes and in those that may be considered, for example, in the adoption of a new information systems solution, of the which are:
. Licitude, Loyalty and Transparency
. Limitation of Purposes
. Data Minimization
. Accuracy
. Limitation of Conservation
. Integrity and Confidentiality

Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. Guarantees the rights of the data owners, ensuring that the response to their exercise is provided in the appropriate time according to the response times defined in the RGPD, namely:
1. Right to be informed
2. Right of access
3. Right of rectification
4. Right to erase data ("right to be forgotten")
5. Right to limit treatment
6. Right to data portability
7. Right of opposition
8. Rights regarding automated decisions and profiling

Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. Undertakes to adopt the principle of Privacy by Design, ensuring that all new processes as well as changes to the existing processes of collection and processing of personal data will be planned with the intrinsic respect of privacy issues . The adoption of new treatment processes or information systems will be preceded by an impact assessment.

The impact assessment on Data Protection will include:
• Study of the treatment process and its fundamentals
• Verify that the new process is appropriate and necessary
• Risk analysis of the treatment process for the holders
• Identification of mechanisms for control and mitigation of risks and demonstration of conformity of the process with legislation

The new treatment processes will always follow the principle of data minimization and, whenever possible, use pseudonymization or anonymization techniques.

Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. Ensures that all relationships with other entities involving the processing of personal data are regulated by a written agreement that includes specific and clear information on the commitment to comply with the RGPD.

Transfers of personal data to entities or locations outside the European Economic Area (EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) are carefully and pre-evaluated ensuring that they are authorized under the RGPD.

Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. Undertakes, in a transparent manner, to assess the necessity and proportionality of communication to entities affected by a violation of personal data. With respect to the RGPD, where the data breach may pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, the supervisory authority shall be informed without undue delay within 72 hours of the occurrence of the occurrence.

Thus, in order to guarantee the compliance of Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda. With RGPD, we guarantee that:
- The basis of lawfulness of treatment is clear and unequivocal;
- As soon as it proves necessary, a Data Protection Officer will be appointed to ensure compliance with the Protection and Privacy conditions;
- All employees involved in the processing of personal data are aware of their responsibilities and are committed to following good data protection practices and have been trained in information security;
- The consents were obtained in accordance with the rules of the RGPD, and Fluidotronica - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda., Lda. Keeps records of the evidence of this act;
- Agile mechanisms are in place to exercise the rights of data subjects;
- Periodic review of data protection procedures is ensured.
- Privacy by design is covered in all new information systems or processes and also in cases of change relevant to existing systems and processes;
- Maintenance of documentation and records of:
. Identification of the organization and relevant information of the activities developed;
. Justification of existing data processing;
. Classification of personal information handled;
. Identification of recipients of personal data;
. Arrangements and mechanisms for transferring personal data outside the European Economic Area, as well as the control and monitoring mechanisms in place;
. Retention period of personal data (by data category)
. Technical and organizational measures to control data security

Questions, comments and requests related to this Privacy Policy and your rights should be addressed to or via written communication to the following address:
Rua da Zona Industrial de Ouriçosa, 125
3720-592 Ul, Oliveira de Azeméis



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