Choose FIPA Sprue grippers for precise demolding.

FIPA grippers and gripper fingers are the right choice when it comes to the safe and precise removal of injection molding parts or general handling of parts.

The FIPA product portfolio includes grippers with and without stroke, grippers for direct assembly and gripper fingers for gripping behind workpieces.

FIPA grippers with direct and indirect part detection safely grip and detect components smaller than 1 mm.

New to the range are the utility model protected, 100 series grippers with HNBR elastomer coating. With all four sides of the jaws completely covered, this guarantees a gentle gripping process and prevents potential damage of the product being handled by these grippers. An additional benefit is the gap-free closing jaws.

Also among our new innovations are the 840 series double stroke grippers, which are able to grip flat sprues or flaps with high force and, therefore, are ideal for removal of front or rear facias. The first stroke guides the gripper into the correct position on the workpiece. With the secondary stroke, the gripper pulls and deflects the facia enabling the precise removal of the workpiece.

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Series 60

Series 60

Series 60 – miniature grippers, clamping diameter 10 mm

Series 80

Series 80

Series 80 - miniature sprue gripper

Series 90

Series 90

Series 90 – miniature sprue grippers, clamping diameter 10 mm – single-acting

Series 100

Series 100

. Series 100 – sprue grippers, clamping diameter 10 mm – single-acting
. Series 100 – sprue grippers, clamping diameter 10 mm – double-acting

Series 130

Series 130

. Series 130 – sprue grippers, clamping diameter 20 mm – single-acting
. Series 130 - sprue grippers with direct sensing
. Series 130 - sprue grippers with indirect sensing

Series 140

Series 140

Series 140 - power grippers

Series 2016

Series 2016

. Series 2016 - sprue grippers, without sensor
. Series 2016 - sprue grippers, with direct sensing

Interchangeable jaws

Interchangeable jaws

. Interchangeable jaws for gripper GR04.100U
. Interchangeable jaws for gripper GR04.130U



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