Digitalization in automation, conveyor technology and assembly.

Functioning intralogistics and efficient assembly processes are the key to economic production. This is why companies are constantly striving to optimize their logistics and assembly processes. MiniTec supports them with innovative products and convincing customer service. At Motek, MiniTec will be demonstrating how digitization can be put to positive use in these areas with numerous practical examples.

MiniTec started more than 30 years ago as a supplier of a sophisticated modular system with aluminium profiles and linear technology. Since then, the German manufacturer has developed and established itself as an international technology company focusing on automation, conveyor technology, workplace systems and assembly technology. The requirements placed on the systems have changed considerably over the course of time as a result of digitalisation. Even manual activities can soon no longer do without digitisation. In addition, the networking of systems and the cooperation between man and machine are becoming increasingly important. At the Motek trade fair, MiniTec will be showing numerous examples that are already proving themselves in industrial use.

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Digital twin for conveyor systems

Digital twin for conveyor systems

Technologies such as machine learning, digital twins (Digital Twin) and IT platforms are finding their way into assembly and handling. This makes it possible to optimize the entire value chain and thus work even more effectively and cost-effectively. Through intelligent networking between production and logistics, information on processes and products can now be made available both internally and externally. Digital twins are created at an early stage of conception and product development. They are in constant interaction with their real partner, such as a conveyor system, from the commissioning of products and systems.

How this can work in practice is demonstrated by MiniTec with a system for the production of electronic parts for truck axle mounts. With the help of the digital twin, the entire system could be programmed before assembly. The system, which is based on the MiniTec TSG 200 conveyor system, is completely in ESD design. One station each for heating and cooling the electronic components is integrated into the line. The stations are provided by the customer. The integration of the stations and the PLC programming were carried out by MiniTec. The visualisation of the plant was also carried out with a digital twin. The total time for the realization of the project could be shortened so by approximately one third.

Well combined

Well combined

The MiniTec transport systems UMS (pallet circulating system) and FMS (flexible assembly system) were optimized with drives of the latest energy efficiency class and at the same time the noise development was reduced. UMS is an extremely economical and efficient way of linking processing machines. An important advantage is the small space requirement for the system and the simple design. A combination of the two systems UMS and FMS with a stacking unit will be shown at the trade fair. The stacking unit is used to feed the small load carriers (KLT) into the automated processing stations. The unit separates the KLTs in such a way that they are provided to the automatic station in one layer. The system can be operated at a speed of up to 15 m/min with a positioning accuracy of +- 0.1 mm. The use of a Cobot in an assembly line is demonstrated on another conveyor system.

Manual workstations

Manual workstations

In the area of manual assembly, a workstation completely in ESD design with lift and roller conveyor will be shown. The new roller conveyor for KanBan applications has a modular design and can therefore be easily adapted to the task at hand.

Worker assistance system

Worker assistance system

The MiniTec Smart Solutions - a subsidiary focusing on research in the field of assistance solutions for manual activities in industrial production - presents a number of new developments for manual assembly. The solutions are based on the integration of automation and IT technology with the aim of user-related preparation of data for the creation of flexible work plans. The flexible conversion with automatic adaptation of the work plans is presented at a workstation.

A completely new development is the Pick-to-Light system, which can also be easily programmed without programming knowledge. As with all MiniTec products, the mounting of the display strips is very simple, they are simply clipped in.



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