Easily control torque and angle with Kolver's help.

Industrial tightening may require different control strategies and solutions. The most common cases are: torque control with angle monitoring and angle control with torque monitoring. Kolver Multi-Torque Torque&Angle controller can manage all such strategies, with up to 8 individual P-sets.

The Torque/Angle Control
The main parameters to be controlled are the tightening torque applied to the screw and the rotation angle of the screw, with priority to the torque value. If the torque and angle values found by the system are within the programmed settings, the motor stops automatically and the indication of OK cycle (green led turned on) is given, otherwise an error (red led) is generated.

The Angle Control
The main parameter to be controlled is the rotation angle of the screw. The motor stops automatically when the pre-set angle value has been reached and an indication of OK cycle (green led turned on) is given.

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Main features

Main features

- Easy to program user interface screens
- Password protected
- Torque value in Nm or In/lbs
- Angle value in degrees
- 8 individual P-sets for custom rundown strategies including:
- Min/Max torque value
- Min/Max angle value
- Rundown speed
- Slow start/Soft stop
- Hard/soft joint
- Min/Max rundown time
- Max Torque (Threadcutting) if required
- Auto reverse if required
- 6 torque & angle strategies:
- Torque priority: angle count from torque threshold (T) or from remote input (T/I) or from lever input (T/L)
- Angle priority: driver stops when angle is reached from threshold torque (A) or from remote input (A/I) or from lever (A/L)



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