Easily create security protections for machines and robots with the help of MiniTec.

The safety of your employees, equipment, and work environment is crucial and needs to be ensured by products and systems with a proven track record of safety and reliability. Here at MiniTec, our machine and robotic safety components are certified according to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001) and can help you create the protective guarding, environmental enclosures, and custom fixturing you need to house and contain any of the potentially dangerous machinery or processes within your operations.

Our installations are designed to meet rigorous safety standards as well as visual appearance requirements. We offer a wide variety of safety products to integrate into your design such as ReeR light curtains, Numatics safety valves and zoned safety Fieldbus electronics for various protocols, Pizzato safety switches, and Nexen rod locks. Our systems have proven reliability and durability, are easy to install and can be custom designed to meet your exact specifications.


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Custom Fixturing

Custom Fixturing

At MiniTec, we can custom design fixturing to safely and securely house and organize all controls and components needed for testing or performing manufacturing operations. The modular safety features for your fixturing systems can be customized and relocated to suit your needs and requirements. From holding sensors to vehicle frames, the strength and durability of our products are only bested by the simplicity of their set up and installation. Let us assist you in finding the ideal solution you’re looking for, call us today to get started!

Enclosures & Environmental Control

Enclosures & Environmental Control

A MiniTec enclosure creates an ideal solution for containing a hazard or controlling your production or manufacturing environment. We consistently provide innovative solutions to protect employees and equipment from the dangers of lasers, welding, fumes, fine particulate, liquid spray, UV light, and high-decibel conditions. Additionally, we can regulate the airflow, temperature, humidity, lighting, and ingress/egress making your operation more reliable and predictable. We have a number of standard configurations available and custom engineered systems can be designed if required. With a MiniTec enclosure, you can rest assured knowing that your staff and assets are protected.

Machine & Robotic Guarding

Machine & Robotic Guarding

Machine and robotic guarding systems can be quickly created using MiniTec’s aluminum profile components and standard wall panel elements. Custom guarding systems can include; removable panels for service access, cut-out sections for clearance, swing or sliding doors, HMI mounting straps, and cable tray support extensions, that can be quickly designed and built to your exact needs. The adjustability of our MiniTec fastening system, without the expense of drilling holes and mounting brackets, makes installation easy and cost effective. Keeping safety standards high and service costs low with our reliable, flexible approach to machine and robotic guarding is the advantage of Minitec!

Proteção de Segurança MINITEC [FLUIDOTRONICA]
Protecções de Segurança MINITEC [FLUIDOTRONICA]



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