FIPA's recommendations for the sheet metal handling industry.

Whether you want to move metal sheets automatically or manually, at FIPA you will find just the right handling products to meet your needs. Oil-resistant and silicone-free vacuum suction cups ensure accurate position handling of sheet metal parts, even for high cycle times.

FIPA even has the fitting solution for the manual handling of sheet metal parts - the FIPALIFT tube lifter. It allows metal sheets of up to 290 kg to be gently, safely and accurately put into place and released by only one person in a short cycle time.

The wide range of vacuum cups and other accessories allows you to handle metal sheets without leaving any bumps, scratches or residues that could interfere with painting. In doing so, it does not matter whether the sheets are textured, smooth, oily, non-magnetic or hot.

Our process optimization solutions are used in both press plants and car body construction. Robot-based automation increases cycle times while improving plant productivity significantly. Automobile manufacturers are therefore able to offer short delivery times and produce profitably. Large and heavy sheet metal parts are moved with efficient lifting technology.

Household Appliances
Appliances that are referred to as white goods can be found in almost every household. They are usually made from very thin pieces of sheet metal with numerous shaped sections, which makes handling a challenge. As household appliances always have a large number of visible parts, low-marking handling that protects surfaces is an essential requirement of our vacuum cups. Our wide product range makes this possible.

See some FIPA product recommendations for the sheet metal handling industry.

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The benefits of FIPA solutions for handling sheet metal

The benefits of FIPA solutions for handling sheet metal

. Highly wear-resistant materials for the dynamic handling of dry and oiled sheet metal parts in pressing plants and for shell and body construction
. Vacuum cups that are free from silicone and PWIS for low-marking handling and trouble-free subsequent painting
. Gripping spiders “FIPA Spider” for robot-aided or manual handling of large sheet metal parts
. Efficient vacuum generation with integrated parts control for maximum process safety in sheet metal processing
. Innovative gripper systems that intelligently combine suction technology with pneumatic End-of-Arm-Tooling (for example, rubberised grippers for gently handling optically high-quality surfaces)

FIPA solutions for sheet handling

FIPA solutions for sheet handling

. Flat vacuum cups for dynamic sheet handling - SM-F

. Bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 folds for dynamic sheet handling - SM-B

. Oval vacuum cups for dynamic handling of oily and dry metal sheets - SM-O

. Non-slip flat vacuum cups - SM-P

. Flat vacuum cups with safety sealing lips - SFU-S

. Heavy-duty flat vacuum suction plates - SFPL-D

. Vacuum suction plate with foamed sealing lip - SP-PLM

. Flat XXL suction rings - SFR

. Oval vacuum suction plates - SOPL-S and SOPL-A

. Varioflex® bellows cups, 1.5 and 2.5 folds - SP-BX

. Bellows vacuum suction plates - SBPL-E

. Suction plates with leakage reduction - SPLT

. FIPALIFT tube lifter

. Ultra-flexible vacuum lifter FIPA Spider for sheet metal processing

. Magnetic grippers

Tecnologia de elevação FIPALIFT [FIPA]
Remoção automatizada de chapas com ventosas [FIPA]
Ventosas para manipulação dinâmica de chapas - SM-F [FIPA]
Pinças magnéticas FIPA [FLUIDOTRONICA]
Placas de vácuo de baixo vazamento SPLT - FIPA [FLUIDOTRONICA]
Ventosas Varioflex® - SP-BX [FIPA]



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