FluidoSports, a bet of Fluidotronica in the world of sports.

The União Desportiva Oliveirense club was looking for an innovative solution to improve the performance of the training of roller hockey athletes, with a focus on reflexive training of goalkeepers and challenging Fluidotronica to create a solution to achieve this goal. SEE HERE the final result - a solution dubbed FluidoSports.

It's a story with a happy ending filled with hours of research and work. The União Desportiva Oliveirense, the most representative club in the city of Oliveira de Azeméis, allied itself with Fluidotronica to develop a solution that would allow to improve the performance of the players and the reflexes in the sporting activity. After half a year of development, "FluidoSports" was born, a solution tailored to the athletes.

The project, conceived by coach and former player Edo Bosch, is a success story, as it fulfills the original goals: to improve the players' performance, the panoramic view and the reflexes in the sporting activity. FluidoSports brings together technology, automation, electronics and programming in a solution dedicated to sports.

Xavier Puigbi and Domingos Pinho, Oliveirense's goalkeepers call FluidoSports "extraordinary" in their first contact with the new work tool. Edo Bosch confesses that FluidoSports is "Much better than I imagined". It is spectacular the work that has been developed and will help us a lot in the training of the players "- adds the coach.

This solution offers numerous levels of programming, different degrees of difficulty, timing per exercise, specific training by sections, adjustable and removable parts. The developed product is prepared to serve almost all sports.

"União Desportiva Oliveirense is grateful to Fluidotronica's commitment and passion for this imagined, thought-out, developed and created project in the city of Oliveira de Azeméis." Says the team responsible for the club's roller hockey.


FluidoSports, uma aposta da Fluidotronica no mundo do desporto



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