Higher cycle times, in series production, with STÖGER DGS.

STÖGER AUTOMATION has developed the first fully automatic screwdriver for inserting coil thread inserts (also known under the brand name HELICOIL®) without feeding the fastening elements from a magazine or reel but individually from an automatic feed unit.

Based on a proven series of automatic screwdriving systems from STOEGER AUTOMATION, an automatic screwdriver has been developed to feed and screw in coil thread inserts automatically as bulk material.

As the fasteners are fed through a tube, a loading magazine is no longer required. The appeal of the STÖGER unit lies in its slim design, enabling screwdriving processes in a horizontal, vertical or any other orientation, even for difficult-to-access screw locations and for installation in robots or positioning axes.


Optimised overall process efficiency through control of screwdriving parameters
Torque, angle and screwdriving depth are controlled by means of a control unit. Recording and monitoring of parameters enhances the quality and overall efficiency of processes. Particularly in series production the screwdriver for coil thread inserts with automatic individual feeding is a convenient and time-saving alternative to manual units.

For more technical information and CAD drawings of this unit, see the links and associated downloads or contact us. We'll be happy to assist you with advice on integrating this and other units into your application.

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The advantages at a glance

The advantages at a glance

. Developed for serial production
. High cycles times possible
. Integrated over stroke for screwing onto screw locations with interfering edges
. Highly reliable by monitoring torque, torque angle and screwdriving depth
. Automatic feed of fastening elements is low-cost as bulk material
. Easy maintenance due to quick couplings for tool change
. Integrated system: screwdriver with automatic feed unit and controller inserts independent of position, and it can be used in robotic systems and on positioning axes, too.

Aparafusadoras automáticas para insertos HELICOIL GES [STOGER]



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