MiniTec fasteners: smart connection, quick and easy mounting.

With our fasteners you can flexibly connect your profile systems. The connection of the profiles with our patented profile connector works without machining. The MiniTec screws and nuts, miter connectors, terminal strips as well as mounting brackets and our other connecting elements ensure a wide range of possible uses and combinations of aluminum profiles. Convince yourself of our portfolio of profile fasteners and their ease of use.

Clever connection with MiniTec - Flexible and cost-saving
Our high-quality profile fasteners allow an optimal overall construction. Flexibility is high on the list: changes can be made easily and at any time without time-consuming editing. Subsequent changes to the profile system are easily possible with our profile connector N and the miter connector N. You avoid high costs that would otherwise be incurred in working hours, construction, AV and workshop.

Assembly - fast and easy
Thanks to the unique MiniTec connection elements, the profiles can be assembled quickly and without complex machining. A good example of this is our innovative profile connector - but the assembly of our other standardized fasteners is just as easy. The profile connector is simply screwed into the profile cross-section of the profile with a self-tapping screw and pushed into the groove of the profile to be connected. The M8 threaded pin then creates a frictional and ESD-compliant connection between the two profiles, drilling is superfluous. Therefore, a construction can be added later without leaving any traces or extended. Overall, the drawing, measuring and processing costs are reduced to a minimum.

Take advantage of optimization potential with MiniTec
MiniTec profile fasteners are not only convincing in terms of stability and flexibility, they also more than meet optical requirements. In addition, you can use our fasteners to save time and material in terms of design and thus be able to leverage optimization potential effectively. Benefit from the modular profile system kit with the intelligent profile connector with sophisticated fastening technology.

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Fastening elements

Fastening elements

. Screws & Nuts
. Power-lock fastener
. T-slot bars
. Mitre connector
. Mounting bracket
. Angles
. Multi connector
. Adapter handle profile
. Guard unit fixing angle 19
. Connecting plates
. Clamping claw

Powerlock 45x19 [MINITEC]
Ângulo 45 GD-Z [MINITEC]
Ângulo 90° para calha 45 [MINITEC]
Ligação PowerLock N [MINITEC]
Barra T 90 [MINITEC]
Ligação PowerLock SF [MINITEC]
Porca M8 L com mola de fixação aço zincado [MINITEC]
Porca M8x13 [MINITEC]
Parafuso M8x45 CIL SEX INT aço zincado [MINITEC]
Parafuso M8x20 [MINITEC]
Parafuso M8x40 CIL SEX INT [MINITEC]



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