MiniTec helps you reduce costs with the Kanban system.

Low inventory and loss prevention are continual challenges of series production. These goals can be reached by simple means using consumption-controlled material handling methods according to the Kanban principle. MiniTec offers a wide variety of profiles and components for building the perfect workstation and workplace system. With the Kanban system accessories, the possibilities are endless.

In this range of products, you'll find roller carriers, roller bars, conveyor rollers, roller strips, roller brakes and brake plates, clamps and brackets, flange bearings, ball rollers, and more. Kanban system accessories are available to not only make your workplace system more versatile but safe, too.

In this, the parts required in production by the consumptive positions in the production cycle are requested by a simple Kanban card from the upstream step. Normally the card is located at the material and triggers a production order when reaching the minimum inventory. To ensure the consumption-controlled production and therefore the minimization of inventory, no order can be started without this Kanban card.

Provision of the products is done directly at the point of consumption in so-called Kanban shelves. These shelves are equipped with inclined small roller conveyors, which transport the containers or products to the receiving station by gravity. Shelf stocking is done from the rear. The size of the shelves is depending on the supply at the workplace determined according to Kanban rules.

So that the containers can be transported securely and protected into the shelving, the incline of the roller conveyor can be simply adjusted. Brake blades are available to prevent impact damage and are easy to install. The use of these brake blades is especially necessary for heavy weights.

We supply all required components for the construction of custom-built Kanban shelves.

Our KanTainer (part no. 32.0870/0) is particularly suitable for the management of small parts according to the Kanban principle.

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Roller carrier & accessories

Roller carrier & accessories

. Conveyor roller D 25
. Bearing roller d 25 massive
. Return stop
. Roller carrier backing pads
. Roller carrier 45 x 45 R with cover
. Roller carrier 45 x 45 R with SF cover
. Carrier profile 45 R
. Roller carrier 45x45R cover
. Roller carrier 45x45R cover SF
. Roller carrier 45x45R base part

Roller strip & accessories

Roller strip & accessories

. Roller bar ESD with cyl. Roller D=28, black; T=50 mm
. Miniature roller strip with cyl. Miniature roller
. Roller bar ESD with edge roller- Roller D=28, black; T=50 mm
. Miniature roller strip with miniature flange rollers
. Roller strip fastening
. End stop miniature roller strip
. Miniature roller strip bracket F
. Miniature roller strip bracket H
. Bracket for miniature roller strip 19
. Bracket for miniature roller strip 30
. Flange bearing 32
. Grip profile clamp 32
. Catch 32 for handle profile
. Edge protection
. Brake plate
. Miniature roller brake

Ball caster

Ball caster




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