New WEISS XY-Portal LP - A ready-to-use system.

WEISS is presenting the XY-Portal LP, an intelligent functional unit combining mechanical, electronic, and software modules. The primary components of this variable industrial solution are the HN and HL linear motor axes, an adapted control unit and software and various fieldbus interfaces including OPC UA for communication.

With the new linear portal LP, WEISS offers a flexible modular system that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. The combination of high-quality WEISS linear axes is delivered preconfigured and can thus be integrated into any system design very quickly and easily.

The customer can define the horizontal and vertical stroke and will get a ready-to-install system with an entire energy chain and matching motor and encoder cables. A stable base frame ensures extreme precision and maximum dynamics.

All the components are synchronized with one another so that the customer only has to specify the cams, load capacity and desired interfaces in order to deliver the system configured in this way in a ready-to-use state. “This significantly reduces engineering times on the part of the customer. Basically, the customer just has to plug the system in. Then they can start programming the travel path directly in our W.A.S. software”, explains Fabian Hübner, Director of Product Management at WEISS, emphasizing the benefits of this solution.

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The LP at a glance

The LP at a glance

. Payload up to 8kg
. Horizontal stroke up to 1000mm
. Vertical stroke up to 450mm
. No reference run - absolute measuring system
. No construction of a multi-axis system
. Ready to install
. Various options

Portal linear LP - demonstração [WEISS]



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