Prevent in your workplace with MINITEC simple protections.

Due to the Coronavirus, companies and establishments are adapting to a new reality of work and, with this, the protection of employees and all people who contact them against contamination has top priority. With a spit protection, a hygiene station or a workstation divisions, developed with MINITEC profiles, you can have a quick and effective solution. SEE HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO PROTECT YOURSELF WITH THESE SOLUTIONS.

The number one mode of suspicious transmission in COVID 19 is from person to person, especially between people less than five feet away. This is usually unavoidable in certain establishments or company receptions. Physical barriers are the most effective form of protection against the spread of the virus, accompanied by disinfection and hand washing. With the help of MINITEC's aluminum profiles, you will be able to develop a simple, adjustable, personalized and quick to implement solution.

The protection structure is simply placed between the conversation partners and, therefore, considerably reduces the direct transmission path. With a modular and fast production solution, you can have your workplace protected in no time, so you can continue working safely.

Do you need a structure to protect your workplace? Whether it is spit protections, hygiene station , workstation divisions or other types of structures, FLUIDOTRONICA has the solution for you.

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Droplet protections

Droplet protections

Thanks to its smooth surface, aluminum is very easy to clean and disinfect and is much more hygienic than other materials, such as wood. MINITEC aluminum profiles and acrylic panels can be joined with just a few tools to form an effective protection wall against droplet infections and mounted in the desired location.

These protections in aluminum profile and transparent PET-G are available in the dimensions you need, being adjustable to the place for which it is intended. Be it company receptions, supermarkets, pharmacies or doctors' offices or any other public service space, you can count on a solution tailored to the workplace.

In the lower sector, you can create a spacing that allows objects to pass. They can be carried out without problems, such as the incorporation of a shelf or distribution ramp - just tell us what you need.

Hand sanitizer holders

Hand sanitizer holders

In addition to being able to develop droplet protections, you can also develop hand sanitizer holders. This is an important solution to help with constant hand hygiene, especially in common places, where there may be greater contact with shared objects by several people (coffee machines, dining areas, etc.).

You can count on Fluidotronica's collaboration in the development of a modular solution, adjustable to your needs and with an elegant and discreet design, allowing you to leave a message for visitors or employees.

Contact Fluidotronica to present you with a solution according to what you are looking for in your space or develop it yourself with the help of MINITEC's free design software: iCAD Assembler.

Workstations divisions

Workstations divisions

You can also count on Fluidotronica to develop customized protection structures for production lines or any space where employees cannot maintain safe distances. This is a hygienic solution, easy to clean and adjustable in height and width. Show us your project, that we present a solution for you.



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