STOGER Step feeder - Smooth and automated feeding of screws.

With a step feeder, you are opting for a technically sophisticated device that processes not only screws, but also pins, nuts and much more besides. The feed unit operates in accordance with a proven feeding principle: The fasteners are filled in a funnel-shaped container.

Slides transport the fasteners onto a sorting section at the top edge of the container. The correctly positioned and sorted fasteners are transferred to the feed tube via an escapement. The system handles the screws gently, because vibration only arises on the sorting section and the slides only work if the sensor on the linear section signals a requirement for screws. All parts that come into contact with the fastener are designed for a long service life and produced from hardened tool steel.
The feed unit can be optionally expanded to include various sensors and accessory parts.

Automated screw feeding "at its best"
For gentle feeding of fastening elements with a minimum of particles
The STÖGER step feeder can be used for the automatic feeding of all sorts of connecting and fastening elements. The fasteners are transported into the rail of the singling mechanism through various steps. It is only this rail that vibrates in order to position the fasteners correctly for automatic feeding. This method helps to protect the screws in the hopper as only the rail itself vibrates and consequently less friction is created between the screws. That is why the step feeder is well-suited for screws with surface coating. If the step feeder is combined with a particle sluice, this system is the perfect choice for all applications demanding an exceedingly high degree of cleanliness.

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The advantages at a glance

The advantages at a glance

. Gentle handling of screws
. Suitable for the majority of fasteners
. Low noise emissions
. High throughputs
. Rapid clearance of non-dimensionally compliant or deformed screws and foreign bodies
. Can be operated from 100 to 240 V (50 / 60 Hz) without additional settings or modifications
. Cover of the sorting chicane is simple to remove without tools, e.g. for maintenance purposes
. Different screw batches can be balanced with the sorting equipment settings

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