The correct Links & Hinges for your application.

MINITEC hinges and joints are versatile and flexible in our modular construction system. Whether for larger or smaller doors & flaps, protective devices or the connection of profiles and profile struts in any angle: here you will find the right hinges and joints for your application.

Agility and stability with hinges
In the hinges area, choose from various suspension hinges, folding hinges, spring hinges or door hinges for the right solution. These are used in the area of lift-off doors, flaps and movable attachments. With opposite arrangement of the hinges can also be made unhooked and horizontally mounted constructions. For mounting, simply attach the hinge to the profile groove with the aid of the fastening material supplied.

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High quality joints for maximum flexibility

High quality joints for maximum flexibility

Turning and swiveling components is the ideal field of application for our joints. Our range includes joints, heavy duty joints and swivel joints, each of which varies in size and load capacity. So in our portfolio you will find the joints that exactly meet your requirements. Joints are ideally suited for the connection of profile struts to the frame at any angle. Hinge hinges, on the other hand, can be easily attached in two steps. First, the joint half is attached to the desired position with a pre-assembled screw. Then the screw is included in the delivery and fixed with joint half 2.

Fast assembly

Fast assembly

Another addition in the field of motion technology is our gas springs. They are used to balance the weight of retractable elements and can be used for lifting and pivoting movements. With the threaded bolt M8 they are fastened in the profile groove or other desired components. The MiniTec pillow block bearings are used for large swing frames and are used to store shafts, axles, rollers and rollers in profile longitudinal and transverse directions. They can be easily attached to the profile with the supplied fastening material. MiniTec hinges, joints, gas springs and pillow block bearings help your profile system reach maximum mobility - all without the hassle of installing it. Count on the professional in the field of motion technology in plant construction and mechanical engineering and convince yourself of our many years of expertise.

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Articulação R com fixação [MINITEC]
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