Vacuum generation for the most diverse types of applications.

FIPA has a wide range of vacuum generators in various power classes and application areas. The range ranges from ejectors based on the principle of venturi to rotary vacuum pumps, through vacuum turbines and vacuum centers. From the automotive industry to medical technology, FIPA vacuum generation solutions fit for every application. SEE THAT MORE THAT FITS WHAT YOU NEED.

In this range we can find ejectors of various types: vacuum, base, heavy load, multi-stage, compact and venturi.

Different types of vacuum pumps are also available for applications that require a high vacuum void with high volumetric flow.

FIPA vacuum turbines, which are characterized by an extremely high transport capacity, are recommended for the handling of air-permeable parts.

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Ejectors – the heartbeat of vacuum supply

Nothing works without them: ejectors are the heart of all powerful vacuum supplies. If you make the right choice here, the handling of your workpieces and goods is safe and – above all – economical. FIPA offers a variety of vacuum generators in different performance classes and for different fields of application. For lighter goods, inline ejectors are ideal. Equipped with Venturi nozzles, they guarantee high suction power with short evacuation times. Due to its installation in the hose feed or directly on the vacuum cups, space problems are a thing of the past. Our basic ejectors do great things: Mounted directly on the vacuum cup or solenoid valve, the small power packs are optimally suited for highly dynamic robotics tasks. You can build up a vacuum quickly and blow off the air just as quickly – which is optimal when short gripping times on the product and gentle depositing are required. In confined spaces, our rectangular ejector boxes EBO are the best choice for your vacuum process. Space-saving parallel mounting can thus be controlled centrally or peripherally – for both suction-tight and porous goods. The same performance with less compressed air – these are the parameters that distinguish our multi-chamber ejectors. The rougher it gets, the better these ejectors do. Even compressed air fluctuations between 3 and 6 bar are no problem. Handling with low vacuum levels and very short evacuation times has never been so efficient. Low input at maximum vacuum – this is the best way to describe compact ejectors. Thanks to the pressure-regulating/air-saving and the electronic air-saving function, they also work energy-efficiently in the smallest of spaces. And so your vacuum generation doesn’t turn into a deafening affair, we have a large number of silencers on offer.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps

Much more than hot air

Every vacuum is only as good as the pump that generates it. In order to achieve the best in the handling of your products, we have a large number of powerful pumps for all industries and applications in our product line.
If you are looking for an oil-free vacuum pump for a very clean, oil-free process, make sure everything goes right with a fluid-free rotary vane vacuum pump! These pumps are reliable and virtually maintenance-free thanks to the combination of simple construction and high quality materials. In the long term, this makes them power-packed options for handling absorbent goods in dry areas.
Our oil-lubricated vacuum pumps are a powerful, compact alternative. They score particularly well with porous products that require a high vacuum level. An oil recovery system reliably prevents oil vapor from making its way to the vacuum supply. And to make it not only clean but also quiet, we reduce the sound pressure level thanks to a damping system. Many models of oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps can be used in both dry and wet areas.
Require high vacuum levels with high suction power, but still small and compact? Then our piston pumps are the right choice. They not only work with low vibration, but also provide maximum performance in dry or humid conditions. To keep it that way for a long time, we have integrated permanently lubricated piston seals that make maintenance virtually obsolete. And should your compressor ever be defective, piston pumps are ready as an equivalent substitute.
If you are looking for a complete solution for your process, our vacuum units, even the portable models, can be used. Consisting of a tank, one or more oil-lubricated pumps and a control device, vacuum generation is quickly operational.



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