What can we expect from our represented to 2019?.

2018 was rich in news coming from our represented companies. In 2019, we continue with the high expectations of what we can still add to our already wide range of products. Stay with some of the possible bets for 2019.

Assembly, automation and transport in the industry 4.0 is the bet of MINITEC
New and proven products and solutions from the fields of workplace design, conveyor technology and assembly and handling technology are the MiniTec bets for 2019. A highlight, recently presented is a system that documents MiniTec's automation and conveyor technology expertise in the smallest of spaces. It combines a workpiece carrier transfer system, combined with a robot cell and a manual workstation. The assembly workstation was developed with industry 4.0 in mind and can also be integrated into production lines. The RMS roller mounting system was developed for demanding applications with heavy loads. The workpiece carrier transfer system is based on heavy-duty accumulation rollers, which ensure free circulation for assembly, testing and machining tasks. It is possible to stow and buffer the workpiece carriers, even manual workstations can be easily integrated into the conveyor line.

FIPA features Variopack vacuum cups and sprue grippers
FIPA GmbH has expanded its 90, 100 and 130 series gripper lines and completely overhauled the current models. The extensive range offers a suitable gripper for almost every application in the plastics industry. All products in this series now carry the red FIPA dot, helping to ensure a clear brand identity. This makes FIPA immediately identifiable as the supplier of gripper components in installations.To accompany the new product range, we have harmonized our item numbers by series. The new descriptive item numbers make it easier for your customers to order the right gripper for the application they want. And of course the new grippers will continue to represent reliability and durability – in short, 100 % FIPA quality guaranteed!

The Variopack™ vacuum cups in this new series, made from silicone (FDA and EU 1935/2004 compliant) with extremely flexible single sealing lips, adapt perfectly to a wide variety of surfaces and are ideal for flow packs in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry. Thanks to a high capacity for absorbing lateral forces and internal cleat structure for perfect grip, they are the right partner to reduce machine downtime and to increase pick rates. The new Variopack™ series is currently available in 3 sizes (Ø 30, Ø 60 and Ø 100). By adding the new Variopack™ series to our FIPA range, we are meeting key requirements for your customers.

Latest generation CR tables and hybrid transfer system are the assets of WEISS
WEISS GmbH recently presented its new series CR tables for heavy loads. The new models have a modular design and can be accurately adjusted and adapted to a wide variety of applications.

Whether cam drive, direct drive, freely programmable programmable redirection system or conveyor belt system, the LS Hybrid transfer system currently under development is based on a modular design principle and allows you to adapt the system more accurately to the needs of your application possible before. This allows the customer to implement the right module with the appropriate drive technology for maximum accuracy or dynamics to suit the process step. The LS Hybrid can be expanded and modified at any time.

Weiss also recently announced its entry into the battery manufacturing industry as a supplier of components and systems. "Battery production is a growing and strategically important market for which we are able to offer a comprehensive worldwide automation portfolio from a single source," says Klaus Schulz, vice president of sales for Europe at WEISS . The company provides the right product throughout the production process, from battery cells and modules, to batteries.

HEPCOMOTION is upgrading its GV3 line with the introduction of new components
HepcoMotion is committed to providing customers with an unparalleled choice of products, sizes and options to meet virtually any linear motion requirement. As evidence of this, HepcoMotion is adding to its GV3 range the introduction of a number of new components that deliver real benefits to customers. Two of these new components, the new lateral access adjustment transport feature and the double tapered roller bearings, are likely to be particularly well received by those looking to reduce maintenance time and extend service life.

BAHR continues to focus on 3D printing and lifting systems
For precise and low noise routes, BAHR now offers its ML positioning systems in the new MLN 60 (S) version with push button belt drive. The self-guiding 30 mm wide drive belt is made of abrasion resistant polyurethane with reinforcing steel cable strings and ensures low wear operation with constant belt tension.

Manufactured from proven industry-proven GDGT 90 series positioning shafts, the hoisting system stands out in terms of stability and reliability in long-term commercial operations. This makes it ideal for a wide range of garage lifting applications - for example, for mounting bicycles and electric bicycles.

BAHR Modultechnik recently presented a system structure for 3D printers for FFF / FDM printing of large-scale objects in the melting process. Due to the principle of optimized modular construction, the CLLK 60 tripod proves to be an extremely economical solution compared to the market. The minimized component requirement allows the device to be individually tailored to customer-specific printing tasks in terms of features and dimensions.

KOLVER introduces K-DUCER, the transducer electric screwdriver
Kolver recently introduced the new range of its range: the K-DUCER, the new clamping system with high precision transducer. DISCOVER HOW this new Kolver can improve its assembly operations, according to Industry 4.0 standards.





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