BNP - Advanced Ergonomic Solutions.

BNP - Advanced Ergonomic Solutions design and produce ergonomic solutions for industrial production.
Since 1995 on the market, In the early 2000s BNP expanded their business by starting to design industrial automation solutions.
The experience built in the production environment allowed BNP to understand the importance of the human factor and the need for a new design perspective centered on the operator. Thus was born the first reaction arm in carbon fiber.
Posix was the first solution for assembly process control: the characteristics of the market have imposed new issues such as traceability and error prevention. So BNP developed Posix, an electronic device for the objectification of the tightening processes.
From the beginning BNP has grown thanks to the connection with its collaborators and customers. The future allows them to glimpse new technologies that can be put at the service of production processes. Help BNP understand which ones will truly become a solution to the challenges of industrial production.

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