JAKA Robotics.

JAKA Robotics was founded in 2014, and since its foundation, it has shown itself to be a high-tech company that aims at ID and innovation, for the new generation of cobots - collaborative robots - and smart factory.

JAKA Cobot is committed to reducing the cost of production, improving the productivity and product quality of its customers. Exclusively represented for portuguese market by Fluidotronica, JAKA's cobot solutions and Fluidotronica's service of excellence will make it easier for companies to enter the era of Industry 4.0.

“Free Your Hands By JAKA” is the mission of JAKA Cobot and meets what Fluidotronica has been implementing in the market for more than 17 years: solutions for the industry, making it more autonomous, producing with more quality and with enormous advantages for the safety of workers.

Jaka Descriptive

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