TO 750 torque rotary tables.


TO 750 torque rotary tables

Direct drive rotary table with impressive dynamics and extremely high degree of repeat accuracy. Freely programmable and also suitable for use in clean rooms. The direct drive rotary table allows the shortest switching times with the greatest precision. Its ability to cover a significantly more versatile range of tasks – including repeat use – helps you tap new added value potential.

. Maximum recommended equipment diameter Dtp: approximately 2500 mm
. The TO rotary table can optionally be supplied with a brake
. The rotary table can also be water-cooled for even shorter cycle times and greater precision
. In some cases, the rotary table can be equipped with functional safety (on request)

. Voltage range: 200-600 V
. Max. output speed (400 V): 50 1/min
. Nominal torque without water cooling: 623 Nm
. Nominal torque with water cooling: 1700 Nm
. Peak torque: 3500 Nm
. Peak current: 75 A
. Indexing precision: 20 arcsec (±10”)
. Axial run-out of the drive flange: (at Ø 750 mm) 0.02 mm
. Concentricity of the output flange: 0.02 mm
. Clamping element opening pressure (pressure monitoring recommended) 4 bar (optional)
. Weight: 270 kg

LOAD DATA (for the stationary central part)
. Permitted torque: 800 Nm
. Permitted tilting moment: 2500 Nm
. Permitted axial force: 25000 N
. Permitted radial force: 15000 N

LOAD DATA (for the output flange)
. Permitted static tilting moment: 25000 N
. Permitted static axial force: 25000 N
. Permitted static radial force: 6000 Nm
Combined loads and permitted process forces only after inspection by WEISS.

. Renishaw Signum (incremental) sin/cos
. Renishaw Resolute (absolute) BISS
. Renishaw Resolute (absolute) DRIVE-CLiQ
. Heidenhain ECN 4410 FS (absolute) EnDat 2.2

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Example of Application

Example of Application

Increased productivity thanks to direct drive
In order to increase the performance to 75 cycles per minute, the American custom machine builder Innovative relies on rotary tables and handling units with direct drive.


With a speed of 60 cycles per minute, the existing system for assembling and testing plastic components used in irrigation plants had reached its technical limits. In order to achieve the desired gain in speed, the US-based custom machine builder Innovative had to switch from a linear system to the rotary indexing table.


Thanks to its highly dynamic performance and repeat accuracy, the user-programmable TO 750 torque rotary indexing table was chosen as the system basis. Five HP 140 Pick&Place units take care of handling the plastic parts. The direct drive combination made up of table and handling units are a perfect match and increase the system's performance by 25 percent to 75 cycles per minute. And as far as the control system was concerned, adapting it to the preferred SPS from Siemens was no problem.



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