HP 140 Handling Systems.


HP 140 Handling Systems

Whether HP 140 or HP 70: The Pick & Place from WEISS works with two linear axes and therefore profit from all advantages of a direct drive: rapid dynamic performance, free user-programmability, minimal wear and highest precision. The HP overcomes limits of traditional pneumatic systems regarding variability, dynamic performance and efficiency.

. The HP140 is only suitable for horizontal installation

. The Pick&Place unit can optionally be designed with a clamping element for the z-axis

. Voltage range: 200-480 V
. Max. acceleration: 40 m/s2
. Max. speed: 4 m/s
. Nominal force: 80 N (Y), 150 N (Z)
. Peak force: 240 N (Y), 370 N (Z)
. Max Horizontal stroke: 160, 215, 270, 300, 400 mm
. Max Vertical stroke: 65, 100, 150 mm
. Weight: 11-18 kg
. Installation position: horizontal
. Repeat accuracy: 0.005 mm
. Max. recommended load: 3 kg

. Max. static moment about the X-axis: 49 Nm
. Max. static moment about the Y-axis: 15 Nm
. Max. static moment about the Z-axis: 36 Nm

. Balluff sin/cos
. Balluff BISS
. Balluff SSI


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Application Example

Application Example

Increased productivity thanks to direct drive
In order to increase the performance to 75 cycles per minute, the American custom machine builder Innovative relies on rotary tables and handling units with direct drive.


With a speed of 60 cycles per minute, the existing system for assembling and testing plastic components used in irrigation plants had reached its technical limits. In order to achieve the desired gain in speed, the US-based custom machine builder Innovative had to switch from a linear system to the rotary indexing table.


Thanks to its highly dynamic performance and repeat accuracy, the user-programmable TO 750 torque rotary indexing table was chosen as the system basis. Five HP 140 Pick&Place units take care of handling the plastic parts. The direct drive combination made up of table and handling units are a perfect match and increase the system's performance by 25 percent to 75 cycles per minute. And as far as the control system was concerned, adapting it to the preferred SPS from Siemens was no problem.

Application Example

Application Example

Pick&Place unit for the final processing of radial shaft seals
Pick&Place unit with linear axis combination replaces pneumatic rotary indexing table solution.


Sealing technology at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies: the special new machine for the final processing of injection-moulded blanks must be easier to use, more energy-saving and more easily accessible.


Servo instead of pneumatic and linear instead of round. The new Pick&Place unit consists of an HP 140 handling system with a horizontal and a vertical linear axis – both user-programmable. A horizontal arm (walking beam) with four grippers passes the radial shaft seals from one processing station to the next. This linear arrangement significantly improves accessibility to the system. The servo drive increases process reliability and energy efficiency.

Application Example

Application Example

Pick&Place for the assembly of micro switches
Lower energy costs: HP handling units with direct drive instead of pneumatic Pick&Place modules


Cycle times of 1.5 seconds are required for the feeding of workpieces. Pneumatic modules are overstretched here, because the higher the air consumption, the higher the operating costs.


Automated assembly system for electromechanical sensors of UBH Mechanical Engineering. Three WEISS rotary indexing tables connected in series and eleven HP 140 and HP 70 Pick&Place units with direct drive achieve a positioning accuracy of 0.02 millimetres at a cycle time of 1.5 seconds. With regard to energy efficiency and dynamics, the handling modules with direct drive by far outclass a pneumatic solution. What's more, the user programmability ensures smooth acceleration processes.

Manipuladores HP [WEISS]
Sistema de manipulação HP 140 [WEISS]
Sistema de manipulação HP 140 [WEISS] #2



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